The full history of foie gras and of “Les Foies Gras Lucien Doriath”

« La gastronomie est une profession de foie »
Paul Carvel - Écrivain

“The creation of a culinary delicacy, and of a foie gras company like ours, is the end result of wider historical factors and more specific and personal events coming together. For the rest, it is passion which gives a delicacy its refined character”.

Lucien Doriath

Our history

Notre histoire

Lucien Doriath,
Foie gras, a family history.

For over 20 years, “Les Foies Gras Lucien Doriath” have been building their name and reputation. Here we look back at an amazing history with two enthusiasts: Lucien and Mickaël Doriath.

Foie gras: quite a history

La véritable histoire du foie gras d’Alsace

The history of foie gras takes us back to ancient Egypt. Wild geese and ducks naturally fed intensively before winter to store up sufficient fat to get them through the season. The same approach was then used in farming methods. Egyptian bas-reliefs found in Saqqara dating from 2400 BC thus confirm the deliberate force-feeding of these animals.

The true history of Alsace foie gras

Le foie gras, toute une histoire

It is to the Maréchal de Contades, Marshall of France and Governor of Strasbourg, that we owe the initial popularity of foie gras in Alsace and its “modern” development. Appointed to the region, the Marshall loved to entertain guests. Philosophers, writers, artists and famous figures attended his parties, where the finest food and wine was served.

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